Must- Do Push Notification Best Practices For Ecommerce Marketers

The process of connecting with users through the use of apps is not an easy task. However, employing push notifications has made the job easier.

Push notification has the singular advantage of standing out from the stream of unread messages crowding the target user’s phone.

Even though it has been established that push notifications are invaluable in grabbing the attention of the user, it can also be manipulated quite easily.

Problems Associated With Push Notifications

A study conducted a few months ago revealed that the majority of recipients found push notifications to be little more than annoyances.

They said that the fact remains that push notifications are nothing more than annoying attention seekers. Most times, their primary aim is to attract the user’s response by serving as a line of communication between the app and the customer.

Therefore, the designer of the app must ensure that the messages that reach the users of the app are important and relevant to them.

Problems that often ensue as a result of push notifications include:

  • Marketers should strive to ensure that when consent is given by the user for push notifications, the information that is passed should be relevant updates that are selected based on the customer’s preferences.
  • Marketers should also note that the use of push notifications is a privilege that must not be abused by constantly spamming the users with messages all the time.
  • A wrongly timed notification can make the user delete the app out of annoyance. Marketers should avoid this by ensuring that the messages are timed correctly.
  • Before broadcasting messages, ensure that you consider audience demographics like age and other factors like time. This will ensure that the right messages are sent to the right people.

Solutions To This

Studies have revealed that push notifications are just as essential as the apps UX, also known as User Experience.

Further studies have also revealed that over 70% of all app uninstallations are as a result of push messages reaching users the wrong way.

The message derived from these studies is that bad push practices are lethal to the app. This is because due notifications are targeted towards users rather than the mobile devices.

Here are some things to note if you are to avoid these negative side effects.

Pay Attention To The Specific Local Time zone

Amateur marketers might believe that since it is 8am in Great Britain, it is time to commence the circulation of push messages.

This can prove to be lethal to the whole process because push notification just does not function in that way.

When sending your push notification, you should consider your customers because it is vital that the messages you send get to the customer at a time the is considered acceptable according to their time zone.

Internally Prioritize A Message

Most times, marketers believe that prioritizing a message is simply a practical execution of the saying “the more, the better.”

However, nothing can be further from the truth.

It usually happens that the more you send a message, the more you reduce your users, feedback, revenue, and usage.

The fact that you send one push notification 20 to 30 times a day might seem like positive reinforcement to you but to the user, it might be an unnecessary annoyance that will make him or her uninstall the app.

Therefore, you should strive to prioritize a message internally to not more that 5 to 10 times per day.

Avoid Generic Pushes

You should consider establishing a hard limit on multiple pushes per day. This could prove to be a very effective practise.

Your aim might be to provide certain services that will enable your app to inform and interact with your users while also gaining user preference knowledge at the same time.

However, this style of generic pushing can be seen as bad practice by some. You should ensure that presence is given to transactional messages that can grab more of the user’s attention.

Value Your User's Sleep

It is common practice for people to rest at night in anticipation of a fresh start to the new day ahead.

At this time, people usually out their mobile device on silent mode in order to sleep without any disturbance.

With this in mind, you should know that users of your app will not have time to peruse through your stream of messages that come in late at night or early in the morning.

Therefore, you should show your users that you value their sleep by restricting messages to daytime.

You should note that s summary push notification placed strategically in the morning is usually more effective than 10 !messages at night.

Personalise Content For Users

Push messages or notifications can assume a special place with users if they are personalized. When junk and irrelevant messages are removed from push notifications, you can use chats, news alerts, or deals based on user preference to generate and achieve a positive impact on your users.

You can achieve numerous marketing automation through the use of the most basic data input.

 This can be the amount of time the app has been on the device, the level the user is currently playing at, the time the app was last opened, or other little details that could help in creating push notifications personalized for the users.

Favour the Transactional Pushes

A transactional push is a 1:1 push message that is often directed at a single user and is not popularly unique with the audience division.

These notifications are often seamlessly bespoke just as the definition implies.

Personalize With User Name

Users usually pay more attention to push messages that address them specifically.

Apps like Ronit capitalize on this by constructing messages like: “Shawn, your weekly doctor’s appointment is in 5 hours.”

This is because push messages that have the user’s name information in the content are usually taken more seriously.

Make It Simple And Short Within 10 Words

You do not have to write a lengthy message to connect or communicate with your users. More often than not, epistles are ignored by users.

For your message to be impactful with your users, you do not necessarily have to use more than ten words.

Impactful messages are usually short and simple.

Correct Implementation Of The Technology

The statistics stated earlier highlighted 70% of the user population. However, to keep this statistics at bay, you should ensure that you implement the notifications the right way.

You should know that it involves more than just provisioning and certificates.

Seeking Permission Is Indeed Vital

The most important checkpoint while installing an application is the pop up alert that usually appears at the beginning of the installation process. This is usually to seek permission.

If the user does not grant this permission, the application cannot be installed and user notifications cannot be installed.

Seek A 3rd Party Service

The process of setting up push notifications is not an easy engagement for individuals. Therefore, you should seek help from a 3rd party service.

They can help with areas dealing with features, topping and consistency.

Opt Content Preload

When you access an in-app content through a push message, you will be more likely to preload it with one of the available API.

This usually delays the push notification configuration by a couple of seconds but it provides you with a primed UI.

This negates the process of having to wait for the loading screen that could take a long time to load.

Ecommerce Marketeers

The process of connecting with users through the use of apps is not an easy task. However, employing push notifications has made the job easier.